Digital Aggregates has proudly served as part of the Military-Industrial Complex since 1995!

  • Digital Aggregates is a tiny little firm founded in 1995 by me, John Sloan, who is its C*O, janitor, you name it.
  • Digital Aggregates Corporation is a registered trademark of the Digital Aggregates Corporation.
  • You can find more specific details such as a resume and vita on my home page.
  • I am located in Arvada Colorado USA within a few minutes of Denver, Boulder, and Golden.
  • When my career started in the 1970s, I was best referred to as a systems programmer, a term that has more or less fallen by the wayside.
  • I specialize in product-quality software development in the realms of embedded, hard and soft real-time, server-side, high-availability, and device applications.
  • For thirty years I have routinely worked on designing and implementing systems for distributed, multi-processor, and now multi-core platforms.
  • I have experience in the domains of high performance computing, mass storage systems, telecommunications and telephony, and enterprise web services.
  • I was formerly at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, an NSF-sponsored supercomputer center, and Bell Labs.
  • I have a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Wright State University, where I taught a senior/graduate course in real-time software design.
  • I have worked in both research and product development, engineering and management, and public and private sectors including the defense sector.
  • In the private sector, I dealt directly with Fortune 500 customers and have done my share of on-site field support.
  • In the public sector, I dealt directly with funding agencies and with collaborating institutions.
  • I have worked directly with market and product management, technical and field support, and documentation organizations.
  • In product development, I have worked on at least six successful commercial products, some for as many as six release cycles.
  • In research, I have published, for example in the Proceedings of the IEEE and the Encyclopedia of Computer Science .
  • I am the inventor or co-inventor of two patents.
  • I have lead as many as a dozen engineers, and have done both technical and project management.
  • I routinely work with great folks in exotic locales such as Beijing, Bangalore, Pune, Sydney, Dublin, Edinburgh and New Jersey.
  • Having worked in both agile and waterfall processes, I believe that all development by nature is fractally iterative.
  • I have developed for platforms as diverse as Linux, Windows, VxWorks, pSOS, C-Executive, RTX, Unicos, BSD, MVS, and many UNIX variants.
  • I have a wealth of experience in writing highly portable C++ and C code, as well as writing in Java.
  • I have done embedded development in C++, C, Java (yes, really), Forth, and various assembly languages.
  • I have developed for targets ranging from various embedded microprocessors including PowerPC and ARM to IBM mainframes to CRAY supercomputers.
  • I have ported code between a diverse selection of operating systems, compiler environments, and hardware architectures.
  • I routinely navigate in multi-million line legacy code bases, and reverse-engineer products for competitive and interoperable purposes.
  • I can incrementally introduce OO and C++ into legacy C code bases and make them play effectively together.
  • I have years of experience in developing high-availability 24x7 systems which can be effectively supported in the field.
  • I picked up a lot of knowledge in the niche of asynchronous transfer mode or ATM.
  • I have taught real-time and embedded software design at the university undergraduate and graduate level, and routinely give talks.
  • I entertain my friends by blogging under the pen name Chip Overclock.
  • In 2008, my alma mater's College of Engineering and Computer Science honored me by naming me the Alumnus of the Year.

The breadth to take the long view of the road ahead

 The depth to be able to tinker under the hood

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