Introduction to TCP Windows and Window Shifting/Scaling

This is a tutorial on why windowing protocols are necessary, how TCP window sizes can be set from the application, and how window shifting/scaling can be used to support high-bandwidth, high-latency communication channels. 

ATM Traffic Management

This document describes the various mechanisms used by the ATM network to manage traffic, including connection admission control, cell emission prioritization, traffic contracts, and the generic cell rate algorithm. 

ATM Failure Modes

This document describes some of the more interesting and perhaps subtle failure modes that I and my colleagues have seen while debugging ATM device software and troubleshooting ATM networks. 

Annotated UNI 3.1 Cause Codes

This is a list of the ATM Cause Codes from the ATM Forum UNI 3.1 specification, along with annotations based on my personal experience and that of many others debugging ATM device software and troubleshooting ATM networks. 

ATM Routing

This is a brief introduction to ATM routing and the myriad of protocols that may be used to accomplish it. 

ATM Addressing

This is an introduction to ATM addressing, including DCC, ICD and E.164 address formats, and the use of MAC addresses for ESIs. 

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